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As President, my goal is to work hard so that no citizen is hungry - GEJ

'I keep an eye on the annual Global Hunger Index of the International Food Policy Research Institute to know how Nigeria is faring in the struggle to end poverty. For the first times since the GHI has been published, Nigeria has been making steady progress, from a Hunger Index of 16.3 in 2005 to 15 in 2013 to 14.7 last year. As President, my goal is to work hard so that no citizen is hungry. We are making progress in eliminating hunger. The report from GHI corroborates our own records which show that our food import bill has reduced from 1.1 Trillion Naira in 2009 to 634 Billion Naira in 2014 and falling. By cutting out the middle men and empowering 14 million Nigerian farmers (of which 2 million are women) with fertilizers directly, we are not only reducing hunger in our nation, we are also reducing our dependence on foreign nations for our food security while at the same time creating wealth at the grass roots of Nigeria. This is only the beginning. I am confident that Nigeria will in the not too distant future be self-sufficientin food production and become a net exporter of food'. GEJ

Why Yorubas Will NOT Vote For APC. - Chief Olu Falae.

Barely three weeks before next month’s general elections, the national chairman of Social Democratic Party (SDP), Chief Olu Falae, has warned electorates from the South western Nigeria, the Yorubas, not to vote for the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidates. Falae gave the warning in Ondo State on Wednesday during a rally organised for SDP candidates for national and state assemblies, held at the City Hall in Akure. He warned electorate in the state against voting for APC candidates in next month’s general election, saying it would spell doom for the state and the country. Explaining why the Yorubas should not vote for the APC, Falae stated that the national leader of the APC, Senator Bola Tinubu, had no interest in the development of the Yoruba nation and the South-West in general. He added that all activities of Tinubu and his party, APC, were always against the interest of the South-West when the position of the Speakership of the House of Representativeswas zoned to the South-West region. Falae also alleged that the position of the APC leader on the much-publicisednational confab was condemnable, saying if many of the recommendationsof the confab like decentralisation of railways control, seaport establishment and control of mineral resources were implemented, the South-West and Ondo State in particular had a lot to benefit. The SDP chairman said this would reduce unemployment and open other opportunities and therefore advised the people of the state to vote for all the SDP candidates for the national and state house of assembly elections. Source: Hope For Nigeria.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


By Lamara Ibrahim G 1.“Go to the ministry of Agriculture to see the level of development in the Agriculture sector”….. GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, do we need to go to the ministry of Agriculture before we know that the cost of food/foodstuffs today, are almost three times the prices before you became president? 2. “Buhari and other past leaders did not buy arms for the military”... GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, Did our military use slings and stones to fight the ECOMOG war? 3. “I am talking to those of you who are between 23 and 25 years”... GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, Are you saying those of us who are way above 25 years old should go ahead and vote for Buhari? 4. “I will create 2 million jobs annually if am re-elected”..... GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, how many jobs did you create in 6 years? 5. “I will send 1st class graduates abroad to do their Masters degrees”...GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, you finally agree that our schools here are not good enough for people to study? 6. “If I jail every person in government, who would be left to run the government” ....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, I guess it was FFK that spoke through you here, cos I can’t believe you said this… 7. “How much did Jim Nwobodo steal that Buhari regime put him in jail”...GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, pls tell us how much does one need to steal before it can be called corruption? 8. “If I go to Chibok, they will kill me”....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, if you (the commander in chief of the armed forces) is scared to go to some parts of the country, then we are all in trouble… don’t you think so? 9. “Henry Okah was contracted by some Nigerians to kill me”....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, we are interested in knowing the people who want to kill our president cos an attack on our president is an attack on all of us, so pls mention the names of those who want to kill you sir… 10. “My advisers are misadvising me”....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir Nigerians didn’t vote for your advisers… you were the one that appointed them… 11. “ I want to apologize to the govt workers who didn’t receive their salaries in DEC.”....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir you apologized to them because you need their votes, but you have not said a word about the 2000 people that were killed in BAGA because you know they are dead and can’t vote right??? I see…. # Ok..... # Continue..... 12. “Buhari that can’t remember his own phone numbers is saying he will change the economy of the country”....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, this statement from you is too petty and highly unpresidential. 13. “I am coming up with strategies to fight corruption”...GEJ MY TAKE: Sir what about strategies to fight stealing? 14. “I will minimize terrorism if am re-elected” ....GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, You have been president for almost 6 years ooo 15. "My Generation have failed you"...... GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, since you agree that you have failed, don't you think you should be in jail, rather than fighting to remain in Aso Rock? 16. "Vote for LIBERATION...... Vote for PDP"...... GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, You and PDP have been in power for the past 16yrs, so you are right We will vote for Liberation, we will Liberate ourselves from the bundage of PDP. 17 "Our Economy is the Largest in Africa"..... GEJ MY TAKE: Sir, Please, don't say this thing again, even a two year old child knows it's a lie.... its the biggest scam of all time. 18. "The monies spent to run the office of the first lady are from NGOs" .... GEJ MY TAKE: Mr. President! Mr. President!! Mr. President!!!.... How many times did I call you??? Let me pretend as if I didn't hear this one.


It has been disclosed that about 54 retirees of Akwa Ibom State have died while waiting for their pensions. What is this nation turning into? the money that is supposed to be paid to pensioneers is being used to fund campaigns Read more from here

Musician Publicly Apologizes After Insulting Buhari On Twitter

Award-winning musician and producer Sammie Okposo has today taken to his Twitter page to apologize to All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, for his recent remarks accusing Buhari of perjury and of forging the school certificates needed to become President of Nigeria. Read more from here

PDP Plans To Attack General Buhari Tomorrow In Ondo—APC

Oyedele said that some aggrieved members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), threatened by the fast-rising popularity of Buhari in the southwest states have concluded "calculated plans" by organizing youths to attack the convoy that would accompanied its presidential candidate. Reas from Pulse


By Falana Taiwo Josephine JONATHAN EBELE AZIKIWE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS : * In 2008 when Obasanjo picked you to be Yaradua's running mate who were the people that first kicked against your candidacy? The Ijaws did. Their reason was that the 2 years as governor in Bayelsa you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Till date, your erra is still termed the worst in Bayelsa. * Why did Obasanjo find it difficult to sell you to his allies and PDP as Yaradua's running mate? You Jonathan had a case with EFCC has documents proved you embezzled N9,000,000,000 (NINE BILLION NAIRA) while your wife Patience laundered $4,000,000 (FOUR MILLION DOLLARS) all these within two years. * Ebele, who was your biggest opposition in becoming Yaradua's running mate? The answer is EDWIN CLARK. The man who today is your mouth piece and who is pretending loves you the most. * Azikiwe, amongst other tricks, what did you do to gather public sympathy? You Mr Deceitful sent people to blow up part of your house in Bayelsa to make it look like it was your political opponents. The SSS released a report which you guys later hid to debunk your dubious claim. * Jonathan, when Yaradua made you to be in charge of negotiations with the Niger Delta Militants, who were those who objected and what was their reasons? Asari, Tompolo, and Boyloaf. Their reason being that you are not sincere in the Niger Delta course but only after your pocket. SHOULD I GO ON? * What was your agreement with PDP regarding a 2nd term. You promised and even swore you will go for a SINGLE TERM *Why did you jail James Ibori and forced Aoandoka to go underground? To revenge their utmost loyalty to the late Yaradua . * Did you fulfill your agreement to Tinubu and others even when they had to betray their party at that last minute in order to canvass for you. ABSOLUTELY NO. * How did you try to mock and tarnish Obasanjo? You didn't only remove all his loyalist from your government, you also made sure you made his enemies your closest allies. You don't need me to start calling names right? * Who is Jonathan's BIGGEEST Northern Ally? Alli Modu Sherrif. The CHIEF SPONSOR OF BOKO HARAM. AWAY FROM POLITICS. * You promised Nigerians incentives in order to remove subsidy. Things like stable power, metro buses (in Lagos and Abuja), full road rehabilitation etc. MR LIAR WHERE ARE THEY. * Obasanjo's government brought GSM amongst other things, Yaradua's short time in government brought RULE OF LAW. Jonathan what has yours brought? NOTHING EXCEPT INCREASE IN CORRUPTION. * Never in the history of Nigeria has all institutions witnessed as much strike as yours. *Jonathan WHERE ARE THE CHIBOK GIRLS. * Jonathan what in Heaven's name do you need FIVE presidential jet for even with the high rate of poverty in the land. * Ebele, the ONLY Nigerian president that tried all means to DIVIDE Nigeria along Religion and Ethnic line. * The ONLY AFRICAN PRESIDENT THAT OPENLY CELEBRATES CRIMINALS AND EX CONVICTS. Kashamu, Alameisia (or whatever), Bode George. * Jonathan will rather gallivant with Nollywood stars than have a session with those brains who are truly making Nigerians proud both Home and Abroad. Or better Still, compose a comforting message to the people of North East. Nigeria as at today HAS NO GOVERNMENT. We provide our water - borehole. We provide our light - generator/ inverter We provide our security - high fence/ cctv We provide our education - private school. We produce fuel yet pay the most in the world. We have no motorable federal road. A BIG SHAME NIGERIA HAS NO NATIONAL CARRIER. HIGH Uneployment in the land. High rate of Corruption (the CLOWN wants to curb corruption with technology). JONATHAN YOU ARE A FAILURE!!! Even if WE give you 10 terms ( 40 YEARS). YOU WILL STILL NOT TAKE US TO THE PROMISE LAND

Principal gets death threats over release of Buhari's WASC results.

The life of the principal of the Government College Katsina is being threatened following his release of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s 1961 WASC results yesterday. Could this be the handwork of PDP? Read more on Pulse


I have seen these questions many times on the net but now i have decided to share it to know your opiniom on it. By Victor Eta NIGERIANS WANT TO KNOW!!!! Questions for Gen Buhari and his party and I hope rather than insults we will get answers to these factual questions. Has Buhari ever apologized to the govt & people of Lagos for canceling Jakande's Metroline and forfeiting the $50 million Lagos paid for it? They say Buhari is now a democrat. Really? Then why did he treat the Oputa Panel with such disdain and refused to appear? Has Buhari apologized for heading the ONLY military admin that did not have a transition plan to hold elections? Has Buhari apologized for jailing Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing a truthful report which embarrassed his govt? What reason did Buhari have for jailing the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who campaigned for his brother, Fela's release? Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the National Association of Nigerian Students? Does he hate students? Has Buhari apologized to Ooni of Ife for stopping him from travelling abroad without permit because he visited Israel in 1984? Has Buhari apologized for raiding Papa Awolowo's house and seizing his passport so he couldn't travel out of the country? If Buhari really believes that power is from God as he says, then why did he take it by force in 1983? Has Buhari apologized to Ben Ogedengbe's family for killing him for a crime that didnt carry death penalty when he committed it. Why did Buhari jail Fela Kuti in 1984? What was Fela's crime? Singing against military govt? Why did the Buhari regime break up a press conference of ASUU in 1984 and detain four of their executives? Has Buhari apologized for jailing Tai Solarin & denying him his asthma drugs simply because he campaigned against military rule? Why did Buhari regime use violence to stop the September 1985 National Conference of the National Assn of Nigerian Students? Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the Nigerian Medical Association? Does he hate doctors? Has Buhari apologized for throwing VP Alex Ekwueme in jail even though it was proven that Ekwueme DID NOT steal? What reason did Buhari have for jailing honest Pa Michael Adekunle Ajasin, who did not steal as Ondo State Gov? Has Buhari apologized to Bernard Ogedengbe's family for executing him for a crime that didn't carry death penalty at the time it was committed. What reason did Buhari have for jailing the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who campaigned for his brother, Fela's release?

NCC shuts down Buhari's campaign fundraising platform.

The Nigerian Communications Commission has shut down the 35350 SMS fund raising platform for the General Muhammad Buhari presidential campaign. Reaad more from Pulse.


Less than 48 hours after the call for the postponement of next month’s general elections by the National Security Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Sambo Dasuki, drew mixed reactionsfrom Nigerians, a new report has revealed that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government has perfected five plans to shift the February polls for another three months. According to the report which was posted on the official Facebook account of Nigeria’s former Minister, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, incumbent President Jonathan was alleged to be planning to shift the elections for three months in the first instance and for another three months in the second instance. read more on Naij

If Jonathan Loses, There Will Be Civil War - Niger Delta Militants

Niger Delta militants have announced that there would be consequences if President Jonathan fails to win the 2015 general elections. Mr Jonathan who is of Ijaw ethnic tribe, the only time a minority tribe has governed the nation. The ex militants revealed that if Jonathan is removed as president, it would mean a direct attack on Ijaw nation. They also threatened to unleash violence on the country and take back Niger Delta oil should Mr. Jonathan loses re-election. The militants stated that Jonathan victory in the next election is nonnegotiable. The militants were speaking yesterday in Government House, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital at a large meeting that was attended by all the former militant leaders and their followers across the Niger Delta region. In attendance were, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, leader, Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Victor Ben Ebikabowei, aka, Boy Loaf, and Government Ekpudomenowei, aka, Tompolo. The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, and chairman of Amnesty Implementation Committee, Kingsley Kuku was also present with the Bayelsa state Governor, Seriake Dickson and his deputy, President General of Ijaw Youth Council, Udengs Eradiri, among others. Dokubo-Asari talked of the discrimination faced by Ijaws all over the country and said they can’t and won’t take it any longer. ”For every Goliath, God created a David. For every Pharoah, there is a Moses. “We are going to war. Everyone of you should go and fortify yourself,’’ he said. He told everyone at the meeting to be ready for battle ahead and declared that Mr. Jonathan would win reelection. Dokubo-Asari also condemned the attack on jonathan’s campaign in the north by hoodlums. He maintained that the survival of the Ijaw nation rests in the hands of the militants gathered at the meeting. Boyloaf also condemned the attack on Jonathan and said that nobody has the monopoly of violence. He asserted there One Nigeria does not exist and the only reason Nigeria’s diverse nationalities are together is oil. He said that if the North takes power away from Jonathan, Niger Delta will take their oil away. ”Keep grudges and sentiments apart. We are ready to match them bumper to bumper,” Boyloaf said. Governor Dickson thanked the militants for backing the re-election campaign of President Goodluck Jonathan as he faces off APC’s Muhammedu Buhari. Source: Information ng